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Church Of Living Water

Ordination Application


Ordination Application is at bottom of page.
Do not submit your application until you have completed all 17 tests
Please read the following info. before applying for ordination.
Reasons we will not ordain someone
1. We will not ordain a felon.
2. We will not ordain anyone under the age of 25 years old.
3. We will not ordain any one outside of the protestant faith
4. We will not ordain anyone who was divorced and re-married more than once after they became a born again Christian.
5. We will not ordain anyone who is a practicing Homosexual
6. Failure to pass our 17 lesson discipleship course.
7. We will not ordain anyone who is not born again and baptized.
Reasons one would have their Ordination re-voked
1. Lying on the Ordination application
2. Presenting the gospel to others outside of TCOLW beliefs.
[ Click link our beliefs right above ordination application form.]
3. Being convicted of a felony.
4. Being reported by someone for shaming the name of Jesus Christ by associating self with sexual based web sites [Porn] or being associated with other sinful practices.
TCOLW reserves the right to terminate the Ordained Minister who breaks any rules or acts outside the character of what is expected of a Man of God.
The primary reason we issue ordination credentials is to empower the believer in his ministry in preaching the Gospel. Through this ordination one however will have certain other benefits one of which is being allowed to perform marriage ceremonies. We do not guarantee that your state in which you live will grant that permission even though most states will. It is your responsibility  alone to find that out.
[ Click State laws Link right above Ordination application]
With all this understood you may fill out the ordination application below and then click send. Usually you will be informed of your ordination the same day you apply providing that you have first taken and passed the 17 lesson discipleship course.
you may also email me the information. Just copy and paste it on your word pad or note pad then fill in questions
Do not send in your ordination application until you have completed all 17 ordination tests.

Click here to read Our Beliefs

Click here to see State Marriage Laws.

Do not apply for ordination until you complete all 17 lesson tests of ordination course. Send the application right after you have sent in test 17.

Give your full name you want on your certificates including any of the following titles or no title at all. Pastor, Minister, Evangelist, Bishop, Brother, Sister
Todays Date
male or female
Street and or PO Box
Zip Code
email address
Year you were Saved
Year you were baptized
Your Church denomination
Attend Church Regularly?
in agreement with TCOLW beliefs? Yes or no
Ever convicted of Felony? yes or no
How did you find us?
Are you married?
Divorced and remarried? How many times?
Are you currently living with a man/women outside of marriage? Yes or No
Ministry interested/involved in?