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Church Of Living Water

License to Preach


Graduate and receive a License to Preach Credential

actual size is 8 x 11 1/2

License to Preach Certification $25.00. You do not need to be a paypal member to use your credit card.

You may obtain a certificate for $25.00, send check or cash to Pastor John Miller, 53 Gypsum Dr. Newark DE 19713, make check out to The Church of Living Water

we will only accept USA currency, or Personal checks from banks here in USA

10 Lesson Course Below

Send missing words and answers only

If you want the recognition of being a Minister of God but do not desire to perform Marriages, then this is the credential for you.
You must take this course below before a Evangelist Credential will be issued
Send all test answers to

Evangelist Course

 Lesson 1


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 1. In a few words, what does this poem say to you?


Lesson 2


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1. the _____ of every _____ is not to bring the lost to the _____ but to take the _____ to the lost.

2. Because we are God's only plan He is not not using these three things _____ _____ _____ .

3. Where can evangelization be done? _______

4. Who are sinners? _____

5. The best way to _____ up the town is to see _____ clean up _____ .

6. Because all men are _____ blind.

Lesson 3


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1. Don't _____ the Spirit (by _____ }.

2. Have a deep _____ that all _____ without Christ are _____ and doomed.

3. To overcome fear remember His _____ is with you.

4. Be more _____ about winning _____ than winning _____.

5. If you don't know the _____, assure them that the _____ has one, and _____ to get back with them.

6. Keep your message focused on _____ and what He did on the _____ to pay for our sins . Emphasize His death as a _____ payment for sinners

7. What key words are key words to remembering how to give our testimony.

Ans. _____ _____ _____

8. "All who attempt to win the lost must speak to _____ for _____ before speaking to _____ for _____."

9. The souls of the _____ are with the _____.

10. Focus on allowing God to nurture the _____ _____ _____.

Lesson 4

What Is The Gospel

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1. Where in the Bible does it say We are commanded to preach the Gospel.

2. The two basic facts of the Gospel are these: _____ _____ _____ _____ _____.

3. What is the Greek word for "for"?


4. Christ's resurrection is a vital element of the Gospel because:

 5. "Wherein ye stand" - Perfect tense - one who _____ received the _____ will _____ forget it, but will remain _____ on it and saved by it!

6. True _____ evidences itself by _____ in the faith

7. What is the crux of the Gospel and the emphasis of the New Testament?


8."Christ also hath _____ us, and hath given himself for us an _____ and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-_____savour" (Eph. 5:2)

9. How many illustrations were give to show how Christ died as our substitute


Lesson 5

How do I begin witnessing

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1. Talk about natural things for awhile to a potential convert to break down walls or barriers between you and them.

Ans. True or False

2. After talking about then begin thinking of a way to start talking about the _____.

3. A good approach question is, "How do you think a person becomes a Christian?"

Ans. True or False

4. If you were to _____ today and stand in front of _____, and He was to say to you: 'why _____ I let you into my _____?' what would you say?"

5. There are 5 facts that any unsaved person needs to understand and believe in order to be saved, what are they.


6. What do Facts #1 and 2 point to?

Ans. _____ _____ _____ _____

7. What do Facts #3 and # 4 point to?

Ans. _____ _____ _____ _____

8. What do Fact # 5 point to?

Ans. _____ _____ _____ _____

Lesson 6


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1. What does the word sin mean?

An. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

2. Sinful _____ are just as wrong as _____ acts.

3. Romans 6:23 - "For the _____ of sin is _____; but the _____ of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

4. Physical death is separation of _____ _____ _____.

5. Emphasize that Christ paid a _____ He did not _____. We owe a _____ we cannot _____.

6. Grace is the "_____, _____, and even many times _____ kindness and _____ of God."

7. Show them that by _____ in Jesus Christ they will be ______.

8. Conversions are generally more real and sincere when the person (convicted of his sin and lostness) asks Christ to be his Savior on his own; ie. of his own volition in private

Ans. True or False

9. Where are the assurance of salvation verses found in the bible


10. One can be assured of his salvation by how he feels.


Lesson 7


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1. Be careful when dealing with people of the. _____ _____.

2. "The best _____ in the _____ is _____ if you don't take it."

3. Don't be in a _____. Relax; Make them feel at _____ and _____.

4. Don't lead someone into the trap of _____ _____.

5. Don't carry on a heated _____ or loose your _____.

6. God must prepare the _____ of the _____

7. Allow God's Word to take _____. Allow God to _____ the person's _____.

8. Who is the soul winner?


9. In order to win souls we must be persuasive when we evangelize.


10. If you make a _____ there will be no _____ change. Those God _____, get _____!

Lesson 8


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1. Who has the best evangelism pattern for us to follow?

Ans. _____ _____ _____

2. Two extremes are prevalent today in the name of "evangelism": what are they?

Ans. _____ _____ and _____ _____

3. It is proper to have the mentality that evangelism should primarily take place in the local church.


4. Jesus remained a _____ when among the _____, He did not become _____ with them!"

5. Today, many Christians are _____ not _____ (seeking to blend rather than contrast).

6. Don't be a _____ Christian! Don't be an _____!

7. What causes Christians to not see the need? Basically, _____ _____, caused by not reading the Bible; _____ distractions; lesser priority _____;

8. What does the word Faint mean in Acts 20:36

Ans. _____ _____ _____ _____

9. What did Jesus not allow to stop Him from spreading the gospel?

Ans. _____

10. Beware of _____ yourself from those of other _____. They need to hear the _____, and may only hear it from you!

Lesson 9


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1. What was Pauls Motive in Evangelism?

Ans._____ _____ _____

2. What was Paul's manner of evangelism?

Ans. _____ _____ _____

3. What was Paul's Method of Evangelism?

Ans._____ _____and _____to_____

4. What was Paul's Message in Evangelism?

Ans. _____ _____

Lesson 10


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1. Tract distribution is a practical way of bearing "_____ _____"

2. Tracts take the place of verbal witness in all case's.

Ans. True or False

3. Do not memorize some catchy phrases that will attract people to the tract.

Ans. True or False

4. Fellowship is needed because _____ can really _____ on us
when we are _____.

5. To train the _____ young (an experienced _____ should team up with an unexperienced]

6. What is the hardest step in evangelism?

Ans. _____-_____

7. What does the W in Growth stand for?

Ans. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

8. What does the S in A-C-T-S stand for?


send all test answers to

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