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Church Of Living Water

Marriage Life Counseling Course


Graduate and receive a Certificate of Marriage Life Counseling


Brown end border is not part of certificate
actual size 8 x 11 1/2

Marriage Counseling Certification $20.00. You do not need to be a paypal member to use your credit card.

You may obtain a certificate for $20.00, send check or cash to Pastor John Miller, 53 Gypsum Dr. 19713, make check out to The Church of Living Water

You must pass this course by 70% right answers or more.  After I receive your test answers and if you pass I will send you an email Marriage Life Certificate. You can also obtain one suitable for framing, see instruction under sample certificate at bottom of page.
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Send missing words and answers only
Do not send the entire questions 

Lesson 1.

1. God designed marriage to satisfy needs. True or False

2. Creation of man,the making of women, naming of animals and , all happened on the 7th day. True or False

3. God did not make it evident that man needed woman. True or False

4. A good wife will fill her husbands weak spots. True or False

5. Womans origin shows _______.

Lesson 2.

 6. God designed marriage to satisfy _____.

7. Before the fall, there was a perfect utopia. True or False

8. The marriage relationship is so difficult because_____ cursed it ?

9. Sex is not only for procreation but for _____.

10. Who did God make responcible for sin in the home. Give Answer

Lesson 3.

11. Did God mean for a marriage to be permanent? Yes or No

12. God's attitude about divorce is that He would rather divorce not occur but it is not a sin. True or False

13. The reason that God instituted marriage is, to propagate truth and Godly principles from one generation to the next. True or False

14. The greek word for Fornication is porneia. True or False

15. What was the "Contract between the fathers of the Bride and Groom called? answer

16. Who only was the exception clause written to? Give answer

Lesson 4.

17. The word contentment means to have enough to be sufficient. True or False

18. The King of Assiria warned "Drink everyone the waters of ____own cistern."

19. What is the wife of your youth in Mal. 2:14-16? Give answer

20. What did Ben Franklin say about marriage? Ans. "Keep thy eyes open before marriage and half _____ afterwards."

21. Who is to be head of the family? Give answer

Lesson 5.

22. What is the wife to be? Give answer

23. For Husbands and Wives it is vitally important to know what our roles are. True or False

24. The Biblical role of the_____ is to be a very strong leader.

25. In order for a wife to be Submissive she should never give advice or opinions. True or False

26. God holds the man to be______ in the headship in the family True or False

27. The kind of love God expects the husband to have is dependent upon the worthiness of the wife. True or False

28. To be "bitter" in a relationship is to be resentful and unforgiving. True or False

Lesson 6.

  29. ____% of our day is spent in communication.

30. Sin, has little affect on our ability to communicate. True or False

31. Proverbs______ discribes the power of the tongue.

32. The root of our problems is not our _____ but our heart.

33. One problem area for communication is sex. True or False

34. Don't talk about your Marriage problems with other people. True or False

Lesson 7.  

35. The 3 general factors that cause conflict are flesh, world,________.

36. The 3 reasons why God allows conflicts in our lives. are, retribution chastisement and ______

37. Unresolved conflicts will become long term what? Give answer

38. We begin to do the right actions when we sit down and face each other. True or False

39. If we wait long enough through a conflict it will heal it self. True or False

40. One way to avoid conflicts is to not bend on Non-Moral issues. True or False

Lesson 8.

41. Satan fights unity, he works _____ to disrupt it.

42. A Bible _____ is a belief that you would be willing to die for.

43. Disunity is so destructive because rather working together you are working against each other. True or False

44. Unselfishness, humility and peace are 3 attitudes that promote unity? True or False

45. Shared struggle is the single most common factor in creating strong family bonding. True or False

Lesson 9.

46. When we marry our spouse we in a sense also marry who else? Give answer

47. In Laws should have a good relationship and communication with their son or daughter inlaw. True or False

48. Laban didn't understand the leave and cleave principle. True or False

49. What does "Due Benevolence" equal? Give answer

50. A home is a place where _____, _____ supremely. Give Answer




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